Welcome to the Hypertext Theory Wikia! Edit

This Wikia is a place for folks to discuss hypertext theory and its implications.

Questions to ponder: How do people read hypertext differently than regular text? What qualifies as hypertext? Does it have to be digital? How do the links in a digital hypertext work to expand a text? Where do literary hypertexts fit into the growth of the genre?

Some texts that might be good places to start:

-Borges "Garden of Forking Path": Considered to be the first hypertext

-Aarseth Cybertext

Interesting Hypertext Sites:

- A syllabus for a college course on hypertext literature[1]

- The Hypertext Theory Web log [2]

- A list of online articles about Hypertext [3]

- Eastgate Systems: Leading publisher of hypertext fiction [4]

What other texts would you like added to this list? Please add any ideas.

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